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Uganda Cycling Federation President Mathias Lukwango in his efforts to increase Bamboo bicycles production  in Uganda,he made a strategic trip to USA for over two weeks which he concluded on Tuesday February.2018 educating and also making  consultations in several bicycle production companies in the country which included among other companies Calfee designers the reading manufacturers of Bamboo bicycles in the world.

                                                                   The trip was more fruitful for Uganda where he returned home with a JIG machine that has more advanced production technology compared to the rudimentary one that is commonly used.  

 While using a JIG,the user just suspends the piece of  Bamboo in the fixers which solves the tiresome work of mastering drawings on the paper as it is in the rudimentary method.      

Uganda Cycling Federation oppened up this technical centre in Kalaji on  Kayunga road purposely to give cyclists an alternative opportunity after retirement and it currently employs only members of the cycling family after offering a free technical training to them.                

The offer will be tranfered to all interested Ugandan youth to acquire training after confirming a good number of trained cyclists who will be traing the masses.      

Alot of items can be made through Bamboo which includes among others Tables,Eating folks,Spoons,Bicycles and Music instruments.

Bamboo bicycles are on a high demand worldwide due to their portability,durability and recreational nature  so the introduction of a JIG will ensure more production.            


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